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We Work For You.

There are no proprietary products competing with customer production schedules in our shop.
We work for you.
We offer the full range of services required to get the job done quickly and affordably.
Eliminating the logistics of dealing with multiple companies saves time, money and headaches.

Custom Fabrication

​If you have a detailed project, or just an idea, we can help.
We will make the neccasary drawings or work with your files to see it through production, onto the final product.


​Laser Cutting

​Insert Description Here

About how amazing a beam of light can be.


​Insert Description Here
About how our rollers are state of the art.
(Painfull but we gotta do it.)




Bump Rolling

​Insert Description Here

About the way we get around our roller problem without admitting we have one.




​Insert Description Here

​About how we make stuff pretty and safe to use.



​Local Partnerships

​Insert Description Here

About painters, coaters, finishers, machinists.


​Insert Description Here

​About the power of tonnage in knowlegable hands.



​Description Not Required
Just a picture of Kelly would work here.


​Insert Description Here

About how we are all trained in all aspects of the job and work collectively. And never trust anyone under 30 etc.


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